Lisa Toste & Sophia-Rosa Toste are an imaginative mother-daughter team. Lisa Toste is a mindset coach for hedge-fund managers, masterminds, athletes, entrepreneurs, and companies around the globe. Sophia Toste-Karayan is a nine-year-old who used to be shy but learned a lot from the strategies her mom uses with her clients. In 2017, she started participating in speech contests. With the help of the mindset strategies described in Sophia’s Quest to Unlock Her True Self, she took first place in three contests and second place in another.
This book is based on the real-life, home-grown fairy garden in their backyard just outside of Toronto, Canada, and their favorite vacation spots. The fairies and the Time Jumper in this book are real people with a little magic written in. Even Mrs. Nichollsworth really exists, but she goes by her “fumblee” name.
What started out as a fun mother-daughter project quickly became a passion to use this book to help readers around the world learn mindset magic to create the life of their dreams.